Safe alternative to hysterectomy for abnormal uterine bleeding – Uterine Balloon Therapy

Menorrhagia is a common problem affecting women in the age group 35-45 years.Technically, menorrhagia is defined as heavy periods lasting longer than 7 days, or a blood loss more than 60- 80 ml (4 – 5 tablespoons approximately) or presence of clots or when there is a chance of staining clothes. Heavy periods are not just an embarrassment , but they can seriously disturb a woman’s lifestyle , cause anaemia , ill-health and low morale .
The most common cause of heavy periods before menopause is hormonal imbalance , seen in 40% of patients . Other causes include benign growths (fibroids, polyps) , cancer and precancer conditions of uterus , infections , medical disorders of blood , liver , kidneys , or the use of certain drugs like anticoagulants , steroids , and chemotherapy .