Fibroids are benign, not malignant, tumours of the womb or uterus. They vary greatly in number, size and location in the uterus. They are common between the ages 30 – 40 years and have a tendency to grow. Their most common symptom is heavy bleeding during menstruation. A period is defined as ‘heavy’ if it lasts more than 6 days or there are clots or more than 10 sanitary pads are used in one cycle or night time soiling or day time embarrassment or avoiding social life because of too much bleeding during period. This may cause anaemia or low haemoglobin. Sometimes there may be spotting with blood in between two periods known as inter-menstrual bleeding. Fibroids can also cause pain or cramps in low abdomen or back or pain during intercourse. There may be a sensation of weight or complaints due to pressure of the fibroid on the urinary bladder which causes frequent urination, or

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