Whenever faced with this question, you should differentiate between planned normal delivery from planned C-section because the risks of unplanned, emergency C-section cannot be compared to the other two categories. Naturally, all emergency surgeries carry higher risks. These risks may, in part, be due to the sudden surgery and, in part, due to the reasons for the emergency surgery. Till about a decade ago we felt that a normal delivery is better than a planned caesarean section.

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Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment-

Q 1)      Will Thrombocytopenia affect unborn baby?

There are several causes for Thrombocytopenia (Low Platelet Counts) in pregnancy. All have different implications for the mother and the unborn baby. The most common cause of Thrombocytopenia is called Gestational Thrombocytopenia (GT); ‘Gestational’ means due to the pregnancy itself, with no other cause for the platelet count to be low. GT is responsible for more than 70% of thrombocytopenia during pregnancy; is usually mild with platelet counts > 70,000/µL; disappears by one week after delivery and there are no symptoms of abnormal bleeding. The baby, while in womb and after delivery, is not affected by this condition and there are no complications or bleeding problems in the baby.

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