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Caesarean deliveries on rise; docs blame it on patients

Chitleen K. Sethi
Tribune News Service

In many city-based private nursing homes, the rate of Caesarean sections in the past 10 years has gone up from 18 per cent to 35 percent, far beyond the WHO guidelines of 11 to 15 per cent……..According to another leading gynaecologist of the city in sector 44, Dr Nirja Chawla, ‘‘Normal deliveries are better since nature designed it like that. Our job as obstetricians is to provide as much comfort as is possible. Advances in research should be

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Dr. Chawla

I hope this letter this mail finds you in good health.

You shall be happy to know that after years of collaboration with you on the highly successful The Good Health Show on Radio we invite for yet another partnership aimed at spreading health and awareness to the masses. Mantrachowk is launching its own website aimed at creating care and concern on important matters pertaining to health and environment through a more interactive medium. The site provides a source of entertainment along with an aim to promote healthy living as well.

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WHEN 46-year-old Radha Patel gave birth to her own grandchildren, last month, not only did it trigger a debate about the ethics of surrogate motherhood but also led to a discussion……..The overwhelming desire to have a child is the product of a deep-seated, instinctive and evolutionary urge to perpetuate the species and pass on the genetic material to another. It is this archetypal desire, embedded in our collective unconscious, which often spurs human

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THESE are crazy times for women. Many of them are trying to do 10 jobs at the same time. What gets sacrificed in this mad rush is probably your own visit to the doctor. Just the thought that something is wrong with your body is enough to make you feel worse. If only you knew when you really need to visit the gynaecologist, you could save yourself a lot of stress……


NEWS Sunday , January 23rd, 2005
Yoga aids childbirth: Expert teaches docs

By Anilesh Mahajan
YOGA for easy childbirth. And yoga for a healthy, complication-free pre-natal and post-natal period. This was the gist of the lecture-cum-demonstration organized for the city’s gynecologists and obstetrics by the Society of

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by Parul

Tags : chandigarh, simplicity Posted: Wed Sep 17 2008, 23:45 hrs

Dr Nirja Chawla simply loves the process and chance of learning new technology when she uploads, downloads and edits her The wonderful colours and aesthetic design of the website make the well-known gynecologist proud. “As for the patient, the website, which is linked with, in clear and coherent words, gives people the information that they need, clears many misconceptions regarding endoscopy

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